Beijing Daxing 600t MSW treatment plant by Henan Winner passes acceptance test

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-01-15

On December 17, 2019, Beijing Municipality Daxing County Environment and Sanitation Center organized an expert team to carry out on-site production acceptance of the 600t Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) treatment plant built by Henan Winner. From 10 am to 3 pm, the two production lines of the project run smoothly. It successfully processed the 200t materials prepared for acceptance and passed the inspection by the expert team. The successful acceptance is a sign that Henan Winner MSW plant has entered the waste treatment project of the government level. At the same time, it has further verified Henan Winner’s project organization capacity and technical strength in the field of MSW treatment.

Municipal Solid Waste(MSW)

In December 2018, HENAN WINNER won the project through bidding with advanced technical solutions and project experience. The project is divided into two phases. Initially, Henan Winner won the first phase of the project. During the design, production, and installation of the first phase of the project, it established a good cooperative relationship with the customer, and won recognition by the customer. Then Henan Winner won the second phase undoubtedly. Through friendly communication with the plant management several times, the project process flow diagram was determined based on the company's previous project design experience and years of operation experience on MSW plant. After that, the technical supervisor leading a team began to determine the specific layout plan as per the process. As the project is a renovation and upgrading one, the area is fixed. The space of one line now needs to be equipped with two production lines. The space is small, and some existing equipment cannot fit in the new layout, which is a problem.

The company's engineering team has organized several meetings. The chief engineer led a number of engineers to design different solutions, and then communicated with the client.  Considering the customer's input, discharge, maintenance, cleaning and many other practical use issues, the layout plan satisfying both parties is finalized after neglecting dozens of plans.

In the construction stage, in order to meet the customer's schedule requirements, all  the workers and technicians worked overtime, especially at the installation site, they insist on taking photos and checking in to the working group every day to ensure that personnel arrived on time. 

Beijing Daxing 600t MSW treatment plant is an intelligent demonstration of MSW project which Winner strives to build. This project realizes automated, intelligent and unmanned processing of MSW. The overall intelligent design of the production line enables unmanned operation in the workshop, and the one-button start and stop by the central control room. Except for the manual sorting room, other equipment is completely isolated from the people in the entire workshop, which greatly reduces the damage of garbage to people. The central control room personnel can monitor the running status of the workshop in real time through the screen, and at the critical moment, issue instructions to the loading platform and the discharge end to solve the emergency problems in production. The project has realized four intelligences, which are “smart” monitoring of equipment status, “smart” shutdown against equipment failure, “smart” replacement of full boxes at the discharge end, and “smart” alarm for full boxes.

The project proves once again that Henan Winner has a team capable of winning and fighting tough battles. As the vanguard of the manufacturing industry, Henan Winner will make persistent efforts, based on the company's strategic planning, better achieve the upgrading of the recycling economy field, and provide customers with more green, intelligent and environmentally friendly solid waste treatment lines.


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