Henan Winner enclosed washing screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2021-01-27

The fully enclosed washing screen is composed of motor, vibration exciter, sieve plate, sieve body, spring, inlet and outlet, sealing cover, protective cover, etc. It is mainly used in mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, and is wet screening. The ideal screening equipment. After the material is washed with water, the adhesion of the material particles to each other is reduced, and it is easier to layer and screen.

The fully enclosed water washing screen is rotated by the motor to move the exciter, and the eccentric block on the vibrator generates an exciting force to drive the material on the sieve plate to make a parabolic motion upward, and the water spraying device faces the material during the throwing process. Spraying water, the water sprayed by the high-pressure water spray device separates the particles of the size of the material, and after screening, the small particles are passed through the sieve plate to achieve the purpose of material classification.

The vibration exciter is a flange type vibration exciter, which is installed on the sieve mesh of the sieve body, can reduce the height of the equipment and save the space on the site; the sealing cover is installed on the sieve body, and the soft connection is installed in the inlet and outlet ports. ; can achieve a fully sealed structure design.

Henan winner has focused on screening and sorting for more than 60 years and is committed to developing high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and intelligent products to solve the pain points of our customers.


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