Comprehensive treatment of domestic waste

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-07-24

The composition of municipal solid waste  is complex, mainly including organic matter, inorganic matter, waste paper, plastic bags, fabrics, plastic, glass, metal, etc. Some of these wastes are fermented to produce organic fertilizers. The centralized treatment of food waste reduces the breeding of mosquitoes and flies formed after mixing with other waste.

The traditional treatment method is usually sent to the yard first, and then sent to landfill. The cost of landfills is very high. Nutrient-rich organic perishable garbage is a valuable renewable resource, with the dual characteristics of waste and resources. It can be said that it is a typical [misplaced resources].


municipal solid waste sorting

If you want to achieve better treatment and utilization, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive treatment plant for domestic waste, while meeting the requirements of environmental protection, and achieving the "harmlessness", "reduction" and "resources" of waste through recycling, conversion and reuse. Change". Screening and sorting is the first step in the follow-up treatment of domestic garbage. To make good use of the useful components in the garbage, first of all, it is necessary to sort and separate the organic matter, combustibles, metals, plastics, etc. in the garbage. According to the characteristics and practical experience of each component of garbage, a municipal solid waste sorting processing production line was launched to solve the problem of waste sorting. The different types of garbage sorted out by the project all realize resource reuse, which is in line with resource utilization and the development of recycling economy.




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