Elements for selection of crushing and screening equipment

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-07-31

Crushing and screening equipment is a necessary equipment for the production of gravel aggregates. There are many manufacturers on the market and the product models are complex. How to choose the equipment that suits you from many equipments is very important. What factors should be considered in the selection of crushing and screening equipment? Today we will do it for everyone to share.

1. Construction cycle
For projects with a long construction period and relatively concentrated crushed stone usage, fixed combined crushing and screening equipment should be used; for projects with a short construction period and relatively dispersed crushed stone usage, especially long linear projects such as highways, it is suitable Use mobile combined crushing and screening equipment;

2. Stone specifications
If the size of the stone is large, you can choose the jaw crusher as the primary crusher. When the size of tComposite frequency screen-L,screening equipment,jaw crusherhe stone is strict and needs to be composed of a certain grade of stone, you need to choose joint crushing and screening equipment, such as the jaw crusher and Combined crushing equipment consisting of cone, impact or hammer crushers, and matched with screening equipment of a certain size and specification; vibrating screen can choose Composite frequency screen-L, single equipment can screen a variety of particle sizes, instead of multiple Taiwan traditional vibrating screen.


Composite frequency screen-L

3. Stone properties
For crushing hard or medium-hard stones, the jaw crusher should be used as the primary crushing device; when crushing medium-hard or soft stones, cone, counterattack or hammer crushers can be used directly. The vibrating screen can choose the Composite frequency screen-L, a single device can screen a variety of particle sizes, instead of multiple traditional vibrating screens.

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