Converter Steelmaking

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-21

Converter steelmaking uses hot metal, scrap steel and iron alloy as the main raw materials. Without the use of external energy, the steelmaking process is completed in the converter by the physical heat of the molten iron itself and the chemical reaction between the molten iron components.The converter is divided into acidic and alkaline according to the refractory material, and the parts which are blown into the furnace according to the gas have top blowing, bottom blowing and side blowing; according to the gas type, the air converter and the oxygen converter are divided.Alkaline oxygen top-blowing and top-bottom combined blowing converters are the most common steelmaking equipments currently used due to their high production speed and large output, high single-furnace output, low cost and low investment. The converter is mainly used for the production of carbon steel, alloy steel and copper and nickel.


Converter steelmaking

Oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking equipment process. According to the ingredients requirements, the scrap steel is first put into the furnace, then poured into molten iron, and an appropriate amount of slag-forming material (such as quicklime) is added. After the addition, the oxygen spray gun is inserted into the furnace from the top of the furnace, and oxygen (purity of high pressure oxygen having a purity greater than 99%) is blown, so that it directly oxidizes with the high-temperature molten iron to remove impurities. Replacing air with pure oxygen can overcome the disadvantage of making the steel brittle due to the influence of nitrogen in the air and taking away heat when the nitrogen is discharged.After removing most of the sulfur and phosphorus, when the composition and temperature of the molten steel meet the requirements, the blowing is stopped, the spray gun is lifted, and the steel is prepared.

When the steel is tapped, the furnace body is inclined, and the molten steel is injected into the ladle from the tapping port, and a deoxidizing agent is added to deoxidize and adjust the composition. After the molten steel is qualified, it can be poured into steel castings or steel ingots, and the steel ingots can be rolled into various steel materials.


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