The pollution of construction waste on water resources

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-21

During stacking and landfill of urban construction waste, leachate is produced due to fermentation and rainwater washing, as well as the immersion of surface water and groundwater. The leachate will cause serious pollution on surrounding surface water and groundwater.

The main ways of pollution on surface water by garbage dumps are: the garbage is scattered in the ponds and ditches near the dumping yard during the handling process; the leachate in the dump flows over the surface and into the surface water bodies; the leaching filtrate in the soil layer and then go into the nearby surface water body.


 construction waste

The leachate contains not only a large amount of organic pollutants, but also a large amount of metal and non-metallic pollutants. This makes the water composition very complicated. Once drinking this contaminated water, great harm will be caused to the human body.


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