Effect of Material Nature on Screening Efficiency

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-12-07

The quality and efficiency of the screening process are actually affected by many factors, but mainly related to the nature of the material.


screening efficiency


1) The effect of material grain size composition. In the actual production, it is clearly that in the certain capacity the material grain size compared with the sieve pore size, the more fine grain on the material, the higher screening efficiency. Otherwise, the bigger the grain size, the lower the efficiency.


2) The effect of the material humidity. It is little effect on the screening efficiency when the material water content is little. It will become difficult to screen with the water increase. But when the water content increase to a certain value, the screening efficiency reaches the minimum. If continue to increase water, the effect of water content will become small, the efficiency will be increased.


3) The effect of the material mud content. The more the material mud content, the more difficult to screen. Less mud content, the easier to screen. It is because that the mud is easy to agglomerate block the sieve. Dehumidification screening, generally to add water or use electric screen surface to improve the screening conditions.


4) The effect of the grain shape. The effect of the grain shape has a great relationship with the sieve pore. The square or circular sieves are easy to form grain in a spherical, cubic or polygonal material to screen. But it is not easy to screen for the strip-like and plate-like. Strip-like and plate-like shape are easy to screened by the rectangle sieve pore, that is to say the material is easy to pass pore that shape similar with it.


5) The effect by the material density. If all the material grain has the same density, it won’t effect the screening. But it will impact the efficiency when the grain has different density, the big density material will affect the small density screening, but little effect.


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