Failure Analysis of Sintering Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-12-14

Sintering vibrating screen is a common equipment in sintering process of metallurgical industry. Equipment mechanical failure is often associated with installation and maintenance problems. The following problem list is commonly seen of sintering vibrating screen.


Sintering vibrating screen


1. Motor bearing get stuck or damage.

The equipment has been working in the dusty and rough environment for a long time. The maintenance personnel have not do their job for the equipment according to the instructions of the operation. The motor heats up and damages the bearing.


2. The transverse pendulum momentum between the sieve frame and the motor is too large. The compensation shaft of the motor and exciter is too small, and the free swing amplitude of the sieve is limited. The horizontal swing of the screen and the motor is large, affecting the normal working of the motor.


3. The equipment amplitude is small, affecting the material flow. At the time of installation, the eccentric angle of the exciter is too large, or the two exciters are out of sync. The displacement is large, causing the amplitude to become smaller and affecting the normal flow of the materials.


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