Environmental protection composite frequency screen of Winner Group

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-10-16

As we all know, the iron and steel industry is the key industry of air pollution, and the exhaust gas pollutants such as particulates, SO2, NOx are produced in all aspects of the production process. The WFPS series composite frequency screen of Winner Group is mainly used in raw material yard, sintering, lime kiln, coking, blast furnace trough and other processes, which can effectively reduce the impact on the production and emission of environmental pollutants, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Environmental protection composite frequency screen of Winner Group

1. Environmental protection

All the inlets and outlets are directly and rigidly connected with other equipment, and the static sealing is realized, and the dust removal outlet is set on the screen frame, so that the whole system can work under negative pressure, reduce the air volume and fan power required for dust removal, and solve the problem of dust overflow pollution in the screening process. At the same time, the double sound insulation device is added inside the screen box, so the noise pollution intensity is greatly reduced.

2. Energy saving

The equipment itself is energy-saving.Due to the screen box does not participate in vibration, it needs less power and energy consumption, saves electricity and indirectly reduces carbon emission; it adopts fully sealed structure, and the air volume and power required for dust removal of auxiliary equipment are small.

3. Low infrastructure cost

It can realize multi-layer screening and save space; the screen box is not subject to vibration, and the multi-stage screen surface vibrates independently, and the start-up and stop interval of each section of screen surface is 6-8 seconds to reduce the concentrated impact force.

4. High screening efficiency

The loose coefficient is increased by 1.3 times due to the independent vibration of screen surface, forced stratification, ejection movement and thin-layer screening, so that the probability of material contacting the screen hole is increased, the screening efficiency can be increased by about 5%, and the cost of ore return can be reduced.

5. Intelligence

PLC system is configured to facilitate the control of system parameters; automatic refueling system is configured to save oil consumption; intelligent monitoring is configured to realize synchronous data monitoring of PC / mobile phone.


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