Wet&Sticky Lump Ore Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-10-23

Winner Lump ore screen is a kind of screen specially designed for wet sticky materials. It uses large amplitude, large vibration intensity, low vibration frequency and polyurethane anti-blocking sieve plate to complete the screening process of wet sticky lump ore. Tests have proved that with the use of Winner lump ore composite frequency screen, the speed at which lump ore is thrown is nearly 3 times that of ordinary vibrating screens. The inertial force generated by ordinary vibrating screens is about 3 times that of gravity. The inertial force of the sieve is about 22 times that of gravity, and the adhesion force of the sieve plate to break free is about 7 times that of the ordinary sieve.

Wet&Sticky Lump Ore Vibrating Screen

After investigation and comparison, a steel plant in Shanxi selected the Winner lump composite frequency screen during the transformation. The vibrating screen beforetransformation was seriously blocked, the screening effect was not good, the environmental protection was not up to standard, and the service life of the screen plate was short. The screening efficiency of Winner lump ore composite frequency screen can reach more than 88%, high penetration rate, no dust, no leakage, meeting environmental protection requirements, long service life of the screen, and easy maintenance.


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