Environmental protection upgrade power, on the choice of WINNER complex screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-10-29

Major changes have been made in upgrading

Due to the old equipment, poor environment, high environmental pressure and other reasons, the production efficiency of a steel mill in Guizhou Province was seriously affected. WINNER has carried out environmental protection upgrade for the steel mill's trough screen.

The original equipment used on site has serious material leakage, poor sealing, high dust removal pressure, and difficult to replace the shaker.

Combined with the causes of many problems in the field equipment, WINNER in accordance with the requirements of the customer to carry out environmental protection transformation of the field equipment, the use of environmental protection screen, to reduce the production pressure and environmental pressure of the customer.

WINNER complex frequency screen and the site of the original diamond screen has the following advantages;

1. Unique structural design. WINNER complex frequency screen changes the structure of the traditional screen surface and screen box vibration together, using a multi-stage independent screen surface vibration while the screen box and frame do not vibrate, from the feed port to the discharge end of the multi-stage screen surface independent vibration. Each segment of the sieve plate independent vibration source, can be independent vibration, abandoned the traditional sieve plate with the same vibration source, with the amplitude, with the vibration frequency mode. According to the size distribution of the material, the size of the material quantity, the amplitude and frequency of each section of the screen surface can be adjusted to achieve a better combination of throughput and screening efficiency.

2. Environmental protection. Complex frequency screen for the whole static seal, screen box closed tightly, almost no dust overflow point, dust removal effect is good, dust removal pressure is small.

3. Energy saving. Complex frequency screen only part of the screen core to participate in vibration, vibration quality is small, the motor power is small, small energy consumption.

4. Low noise pollution. Complex frequency screen for the whole seal, sealing degree is high, can effectively block some short wave sound waves, reduce noise propagation.

5. Combination of multiple functions. Complex frequency screen can be combined with the distributor so that the equipment has the advantages of uniform cloth, high screening efficiency, but also can be combined with the dust removal equipment, even if the complex frequency screen can not contact the centralized dust removal system, do not have to worry about the dust removal problem.

The customer said yes, is really good. WINNER have helped many steel enterprises to complete environmental upgrading. If you are also facing such a production problem, please call the technical advisory hotline +8613373745380


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