The best choice for stimulation technology is the complex frequency screen -X!

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-10-19

In a southwestern steel mill, the screening machine under the blast furnace is replaced with the Wham Share complex frequency screening-C. The field debugging and use effect is good, and the field workers are highly recognized for the use of the complex frequency screen. After they use Wham Share complex frequency screening-C, the maintenance frequency is greatly reduced, which reduces the cost loss of equipment in operation for the business owners. At the same time, the equipment adopts static sealing technology, so that no dust leakage, reduce the cost of environmental protection of business owners, but also greatly reduce the screening machine in the operation of the safety risks.


Complex frequency screen C technology features:


(1) screen surface high frequency tension movement, can be transferred to the material 50G acceleration, so that the wet sticky material is not blocked. At the same time, the screen plate using higher rate of opening technology, so that the material into the screen machine quickly screening, to achieve higher screening efficiency;


(2) Eccentric flywheel shaker with high reliability has large bearing capacity and long service life;


(3) polyurethane tension sieve plate has good wear resistance and excellent physical properties, has a long service life and a good screening effect;


(4) Strong adaptability to the fluctuation of coal quality and low operating cost;


(5) high-performance connected spring has good nonlinear characteristics, to ensure the horizontal vibration of the floating screen frame, and can reasonably adjust the floating amplitude according to the process requirements;


(6) Smaller power, higher safety. Because the screen body is static, only the screen participates in vibration, the energy consumption of the whole machine is greatly reduced. The screen body does not vibrate, and the rotating part has a protective device, thus improving the safety;


(7) PLC control system and intelligence. Complex frequency screen C using a number of motor drive, reverse start, down to stop, through the PLC to control the whole equipment to start, stop, automatic refueling and a series of actions, simple operation.


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WINNER complex screen -X-3060 officially moved into a mining company in Henan Province, replacing the traditional equipment 3060 banana screen. Before the banana screen in the field of use in the process of serious dust, poor working environment, environmental protection is not up to standard, in addition because the equipment has been used for many years, resulting in serious resonance phenomenon, for the customer's production links brought a lot of problems. In view of the actual situation of the customer field, WINNER  recommended WINNER 's strategic product "Complex Screen -X".


The complex screen X has the following advantages:


1, environmental protection: change the structure of the traditional vibrating screen, screen box does not participate in the vibration, only the sieve plate and vibrator participate in the vibration, the static seal, the whole system works in the negative pressure state, to solve the problem of dust spill pollution in the screening process, zero pollution.


2, energy saving: screen box does not participate in vibration, only the sieve plate and vibrator participate in vibration, so the vibration weight is small, compared with the traditional vibrating screen, at the same frequency and amplitude, complex frequency screen -X requires small power, low energy consumption.


3, high screening efficiency: the use of multi-section screen surface independent vibration, forced stratification, projectile motion, thin layer screening, loose coefficient increased 1.3 times, so that the material contact sieve probability increased, screening efficiency can be increased by 5%-10%. The traditional screening equipment has the overall vibration of the screen surface, and relies on the large inclination Angle of the screen surface to realize the forward movement of the material. The stratification effect is poor and the screening efficiency is low.


4. Frequency modulation and amplitude modulation: According to the different working conditions of the field material handling capacity, particle size composition, water content and so on, the free adjustment of high frequency and low frequency and high amplitude of the screen surface of each section can be realized. The amplitude of the feeding end is 8-12mm, the speed is 730-850r/min, the double amplitude of the discharging end is 7-11mm, the speed is 800-900r/min, and the amplitude can be gradually reduced and the frequency can be increased. To get more effective screening, changing the traditional screening equipment with the same vibration source, the same amplitude, the same vibration frequency vibration mode.


5, variable vibration direction Angle, screen surface Angle variable: according to the field material handling capacity size, particle size composition, water content and other working conditions are different, to achieve the free adjustment of the vibration direction Angle and screen surface Angle, Angle can be based on the actual demand in the design stage 5-30 degrees of free match, to achieve equal thickness screening. The vibration direction Angle can be designed in the range of 50-90 degrees to improve the throwing index and screening efficiency of materials. The vibration mode of the traditional screening equipment with the same vibration direction Angle and the same screen surface inclination Angle is changed.


6, modular: all connectors are threaded, the equipment can be split into each unit during transportation, the maximum weight of a single piece is only 30%~40% of conventional equipment, can save lifting costs; When installing, each module can realize "building-block installation" in sequence; When the equipment needs to be transferred, reverse disassemble and transport to the designated position, which can quickly enter the next round of work; The equipment comes with a sealing cover and corresponding chute, reserved screw interface, to avoid the conventional equipment installation also need to make chute and other components, can not achieve seamless connection with the vibrating screen box.


7, low noise: screening operation in the fully sealed state, compared with the traditional vibrating screen, noise is reduced by more than 10dB.


8, long service life: the use of multiple independent screen surface vibration, screen box and frame vibration, reduce the dynamic load on the foundation, long service life of the screen machine.


9. Intelligence: Configure PLC system, local manual and remote control the start and stop of the whole device, can realize synchronous data monitoring in the PC/mobile end, platform abnormal alarm and other faults can be wechat, SMS, email prompt, and have alarm records.


10, expansion: the screen box in the feed end to increase the cloth device, to solve the problem of cloth; For viscous materials, intelligent cleaning device can be added to clean the blocked screen surface from time to time; For easily wound materials, can increase the shredding equipment to improve the screening effect; At the same time, each equipment can also increase the dust removal equipment, reduce the layout of the pipeline, increase the purity of the product and so on.


The use of complex screen X, so that the customer production site dust, resonance and other key problems have been solved, environmental protection standards, workers' working environment has been improved, on-site personnel are all the shares of WINNER  complex screen X repeatedly praise. Good products, speak with the effect, this is the charm of complex screen -X. Welcome to call the technical advisory hotline: +8613373745380, WINNER  to provide you with customized solutions!



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