FLY- XC helps you easily solve the problem of wet and sticky material screening

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-08-14

Blocking holes with wet and sticky materials has always been a problem in the screening industry. In order to solve the problem of screening small particles of wet viscous materials,Winner Group has innovated and developed a new type of screening equipment—FLY-XC.

Structural features





1. The equipment adopts the movement mode that the loose screen surface vibrates and the screen box does not vibrate, and the multi-stage loose screen surface vibrates independently from the feed end to the discharge end.


2. The screen body is wrapped by the outer box body to prevent dust from leaking out, and it is environmentally friendly.


3. According to the different working conditions such as the size of the on-site material processing capacity, particle size composition, moisture content etc,it can realize the free adjustment of high frequency and low amplitude, low frequency and high amplitude of each section of the screen surface, which changes the same vibration source of the traditional screening equipment , same amplitude and same frequency vibration mode.


4. The high-performance polyurethane screen pannel has good wear resistance and excellent physical properties, has a long service life and better screening effect.


5. The outer box can be wrapped with rock wool as required to maintain the temperature of the material and reduce the impact of climatic conditions on the screening equipment.


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