Newly added member of Winner Group Composite frequency screen family- Composite Frequency Screen WFPS-XO

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-09-04

Composite frequency series screens are developed and produced by Winner Group for technology upgrading in metallurgy, mining and other industries. This series includes WFPS-X, WFPS-L and other models of products, which effectively replace the original small-volume vibrating screens commonly used in blast furnaces, sintering and coke plant, lime kilns, etc. It has a larger processing capacity and higher screening efficiency while more environmental friendly.


Recently, Winner Group R&D team has innovatively developed and launched a new screen, WFPS-XO. Once launched, It achieved feedback from market. The customers quickly placed orders. At present, the product has been tested and shipped. So, what are the characteristics of this new product?

1. Independent screen plate vibration. For traditional screening equipment, the screen plate vibrates and the screen box together, but the WFPS-XO changes the mechanical structure of the traditional screen, adopting independent screen plate vibration while screen box and frame remain static during operation.  

2. Adjustable of vibration frequency and amplitude: Depending on the different material composition, moisture, It can realize free adjustment of high frequency with low amplitude, low frequency with high amplitude of each section of the upper and lower screens. This changes the mode of single vibration source, single amplitude and single frequency of the traditional screening.

3. Efficient screening: theoretically screening process can be divided into two stages: stratification and sifting. The low frequency with high amplitude are to achieve stratification, and the high frequency with low amplitude are to increase the sifting rate. The combination of the two modes can achieve the best screening effect.

4. High efficiency and energy saving: Compared with other screening equipments with the same capacity, the WFPS-XO screen vibration weight is small, the vibration source structure is small, and the motor power is less by more than 40%.

5. Environmental protection: All inlets and outlets of the WFPS-XO screen can be conveniently and static sealed with upper and lower stream equipment, so that the entire screening operation can be carried out in a fully sealed state, and the air can be sucked through the special dust port on the screen frame. In this way, the whole system is operating under minus pressure, thereby it completely solving the problem of dust pollution in the screening process.

Innovation contributes to solve customer pain points, achieving customer satisfaction. If you have any requirements, please contact Winner Group by 400-113-3090!


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