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Author: Winner   Time: 2022-02-10

Since the 1970s, my country has gradually adopted the landfill method to dispose of municipal solid waste. Because the sanitary landfill method has the characteristics of small investment, simple process, convenient management, wide application range and low maintenance cost, landfill was once the main method of disposal of urban domestic waste in China. It accounts for more than 70% of the total processing capacity. Over the years, the city's garbage dump stock has reached 6.6 billion tons, occupying more than 3.5 billion square meters of land. Two-thirds of large and medium-sized cities have been surrounded by garbage, and one-quarter of the cities have to dump garbage in the countryside. Urban garbage pollution has become a rural pollution. There are also a large number of informal landfills. They did not take effective protective measures during the operation period, resulting in water, gas and odor pollution, which not only seriously affected the lives of surrounding residents, but also caused groundwater pollution. harm. It can be seen that the rationalization and harmless treatment of stale garbage is imminent.

The obsolete garbage disposal system developed and produced by WINNER can effectively solve the pollution problem of obsolete garbage. Through multi-level sorting, multi-method sorting and multi-level sorting, the problem of complex composition of obsolete waste can be effectively solved, and final materials (humus, light materials, heavy materials, combustibles, non-combustibles, etc.) can be formed according to customer needs. ). On the premise of ensuring the sorting efficiency, a large amount of stale garbage can be processed at the same time to meet the customer's on-site processing requirements.

The working process of the stale garbage disposal system is as follows:

After the material is loaded by a grab crane or a forklift, it enters the chain conveyor, and is distributed through a uniform distributor to make the material layer thinner and uniform. The material is transported to the vibrating grid screen through the belt conveyor, and moves through the sieve plate to sort out the large objects in the material that are larger than the sieve hole, and the material under the sieve is transported to the double-shaft coarse crusher through the belt, and the plastic bags in the material are removed. Break open, so that the material is scattered out, which is convenient for subsequent equipment screening. The material is transported to the multi-frequency sieve-G through the belt, and after sieving, the material on the sieve is some larger heavy materials and light materials, and the material under the sieve is humus. The sieve of the multi-frequency sieve-G is passed through a magnetic separator to separate the iron products. The sieve of the multi-frequency sieve-G is transported into the air separator through the belt, and the heavy and light substances are sorted out by the principle of wind gravity. The heavy materials enter the manual sorting platform through the magnetic separator, and the inert materials or designated materials in the materials are selected. The remaining combustible materials and the light materials of the air separator are aggregated and transported to the baler for compression treatment.

The state has listed environmental protection projects as the top priority of the national sustainable development strategy, and regarded "reduction at the source" as an important measure to solve the problem of urban waste disposal. The obsolete waste treatment system developed and produced by WINNER is a product of the times. It can effectively realize the recycling, harmlessness and reduction of obsolete waste on-site, and customize the design according to the actual situation of customers. Welcome to consult the technical hotline +86 13373745380, WINNER will provide you with professional solutions!


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