WINNER's multi-frequency sieve-X helps you worry-free in environmental protection production

Author: Winner   Time: 2022-01-21

With the continuous tightening of environmental protection policies, various industries have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and energy saving in the production process. As an advocate of the concept of green screening, WINNER Co., Ltd. has developed and designed the multi-frequency screen-X for sand and gravel. Customers in aggregate, construction waste treatment, mining, coking and other industries solve environmental production problems.

Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

WINNER multi-frequency screen-X can effectively solve the problems of traditional screening equipment that is not environmentally friendly, difficult to dynamic sealing, large dust, large vibration weight, and large weight of screen parts. It can realize multi-layer screening of materials, and has excellent characteristics such as no stuck holes, high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, energy saving, environmental protection and so on.


> 1. High efficiency and energy saving. In the multi-frequency screen-X, only the screen core participates in the vibration, and the rest do not participate in the vibration, which is more energy-saving. Compared with the screening equipment with the same processing capacity, the vibration-inducing mass is small, the vibration source structure is small, and the energy consumption is low.

2. High-efficiency screening, larger processing capacity. The multi-frequency screen-X can divide the screening process into two stages: stratification and permeation screening, which can be selected from dozens of tons to thousands of tons according to customer requirements.

3. Multi-layer screening, the actual layout of the process is more reasonable. Multi-frequency screen-X adopts the movement mode of multi-stage screen surface vibrating and screen box not vibrating. The multi-stage screen surface vibrates independently from the feeding end to the discharging end, which can realize the freedom of high frequency and low amplitude and low frequency and high amplitude of each screen surface. adjust.

4. Green environmental protection and no dust. All inlets and outlets can be rigidly sealed with other related equipment, so that the entire screening operation can be carried out in a fully sealed state. Completely solve the problem of dust pollution in the screening process.

5. It can effectively reduce noise. Special sound insulation materials are added to the inner wall of the screen box, which can effectively reduce the operating noise of the equipment.

6. The equipment is equipped with a PLC control system, which can manually and remotely control the start and stop of the entire equipment. The PLC control cabinet is equipped with a touch screen, which is convenient for the setting and display of the control system parameters, including the display of bearing temperature and the alarm of abnormal temperature. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic refueling system to reduce the labor intensity of workers and avoid accidents caused by human reasons.

With its advantages of intelligence, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, the multi-frequency screen-X has been widely used in sand and gravel aggregate, construction waste treatment, mining, and coking. Many customers use the multi-frequency screen-X.

WINNER can add functional equipment to the multi-frequency screen-X according to the customer's situation to solve the difficult problems in screening and meet the different production needs of customers. For details, please call the hotline: +86 13373745380!


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