How does customer evaluate the double frequency screen?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-07-27

Winner Group research & development a efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and emission reduction equipment which is called double frequency screen. After more than a year of use, the customer fully experienced its energy saving and environmental protection of this equipment.


double frequency screen


First of all, only the sieve plate vibrates during work, and the rest part doesn't vibrate, which can achieve static seal without dust. So it can solve the problem that traditional vibrating screen is difficult to seal the outlet. In addition, the sieve body does not participate in vibration also led to the operation of the vibration weight was significantly reduced, so running energy consumption is also greatly reduced.


According to the client feedback, the same type of traditional vibrating screen, the operating power is 90KW, and Winner Group's double frequency screen operating power is only 22KW, every hour it can save 68Kw. 8 hours a day to work 330 days per year, it can save 179520Kw. According to each production line needs two machines, the power of saving from machines are turning into company’s profits, and the results are clear. It has been greatly praised by clients.


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