Winner Group takes you through the sand making machine

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-11-29

With the lack of natural sand and rising prices, the state has increased the supervision of natural sand resources. The replacement of natural sand by machine sand is a preferred choice for ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar enterprises. Therefore, the Machine sand is more and more popular in the market, and the market share is getting higher and higher.

Machine sand refers to the sand processed by the sand making machine and other ancillary equipment. The finished product is more regular, and can be processed into different rules and sizes of sand according to different process requirements, which can better meet daily needs. Machine sand must have relevant equipment to produce qualified sand and gravel.


sand making machine

Winner’s sand making machine (PCX vertical shaft impact crusher) is widely used in the fine crushing of various ores. It has replaced traditional equipment such as hammer crusher, roller crusher and rod mill, and has become the mainstream equipment in the sand making industry. The device has a reasonable structure and low operating cost. The principle of stone stone is used, the wear is small, the breaking rate is high, the energy is saved, the function of fine crushing and coarse grinding is small, the influence of the moisture content of the material is small, the moisture content is up to about 8 percent, and the working noise is lower than 75 decibels (db grade). It has less dust pollution and is suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials. The product is cubic, the bulk density is large, the iron pollution is small, the impeller self-lining wear is small, and the maintenance is convenient.


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