How to select the vibrating screen for different materials?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-02-15

Different processing materials should choose different vibrating screens. Before selecting a suitable vibrating screen, we need to know some corresponding technical parameters of processing materials.

1.Material Properties:

Different materials have different properties, such as corrosion, electrostatic, agglomeration, light specific gravity, etc. The screening equipment used for different materials is also different. For example, high-precision or electrostatic materials can choose ultrasonic vibration screens; Corrosion or food materials can use stainless steel vibrating screen, etc.

2.Moisture content and temperature of material:

When the material contains a certain amount of water, the material will have a certain viscosity. In the screening process, there will be blocking and sticking problems, which will affect the production and screening accuracy.

3.Bulk Density:

The bulk density of material on the screen surface is another factor affecting the output and screening accuracy. The size of the equipment selected for high bulk density will also be relatively large.


screening process


4.Capacity and Accuracy Requirements:

The capacity and screening accuracy are also different for different shapes, sieve surface diameters and operation modes, so please select the type according to the production requirements.

5.Material Cleanliness:

Some industries require the cleanliness of materials during production, especially in food production industry, they must strictly comply with the requirements of national food-grade production, so stainless steel material must be used in the selection of vibration screens with these industries.

6.Special Requirements:

The special requirements mentioned here refer to the requirements of explosion-proof and dust-proof. For some industries, the screened materials should not be exposed to open flames or the temperature should not be too high. If above problems occur, explosions will occur. For these industries, explosion-proof motors are needed to ensure production safety.



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