The Process Flow of Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Line

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2019-02-20

The composition of household waste is very complicated, usually including kitchen waste, plastic, paper, cloth, metal, glass, grass, muck, brick and other ingredients. The accumulation of domestic garbage will cause air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the comprehensive utilization of domestic garbage. Usually we divide domestic garbage into fresh garbage, old garbage and mixed garbage, and the domestic garbage components produced in different areas often vary greatly. For fresh garbage, old garbage and mixed garbage, there are usually different sorting processes.

1. Manual sorting station:

It is mainly used to sort specific materials in materials. The sorting platform is located on both sides of the belt conveyor for manual sorting. The sorting platform is made of steel. The unloading hopper is arranged in the middle of each side of the operating platform. Protective devices are installed around the unloading hopper and the operating platform to ensure the safety of the operators.

2. Bag Openers:

The garbage bag openers is mainly used for breaking the bagged garbage of the urban bagged garbage, and completely separating the garbage wrapped in the garbage bag by breaking the bag, which is beneficial to the subsequent screening treatment and improves the screening efficiency.


waste comprehensive treatment and utilization


3. Magnetic Separators:

When the garbage is fixed under the magnet through the garbage, the magnetic material will be adsorbed on the conveyor belt, and along with the movement of the belt. When the magnetic material is sent to the small magnetic area, it will automatically fall off, thus realizing the recovery of ferromagnetic material.

4. Air Separator:

According to the principle of aerodynamics, the separation is carried out according to the different physical characteristics of light and heavy materials, such as density and volume, in order to achieve the purpose of classified recovery and reuse. The closed structure avoids secondary pollution.

5. Waste Shredders:

Through shearing, tearing and extrusion to reduce the size of materials, this kind of shredder is widely used in waste plastics, rubber, wood and other large-scale waste. The essence of municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment and utilization technology is to classify household waste according to its components, and then recycle it or make fertilizer or incinerate it so as to realize the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of municipal solid waste.

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