Ideal Screening Equipment -- Composite Frequency Screen

Author: Winner   Time: 2020-10-30

Since its appearance in the market, the composite frequency screen of Winner has been widely recognized. Why will the composite frequency screen of Winner become a star product in the industry?

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1. Structural advantages

The composite frequency screen’s box does not participate in vibration, only the sieve plate and the vibration exciter participate in the vibration. The inlet and outlet and its connecting parts adopt "rigid connection", and adopt Winner's unique "M" type rubber seal to achieve static sealing. The traditional vibrating screen box vibrates as a whole, and all connections with the chute need to be dynamically sealed, which has poor sealing effect, short sealing life, and high labor costs for one replacement.

2. Environmental protection

Because the unique screen box of the composite frequency screen does not participate in the vibration structure, it works under negative pressure under the action of the dust collector, which better solves the problem of dust overflow and pollution during the screening process. At the same time, double sound insulation devices are added inside the screen box, which can reduce the noise by 8-10dB compared with the traditional vibrating screen.

3、 Energy saving

Due to the unique structural characteristics of the composite frequency screen, the vibration weight is small, the power required by the equipment is small, and the impact force on the foundation is small. The multi-stage screen surface vibrates independently. The starting and stopping time interval of each screen surface is 6-8 seconds, which reduces the concentrated impact force on the foundation. Moreover, the complex frequency screen is equipped with reverse brake device, which makes the complex frequency screen quickly pass through the resonance area and reduces the impact force of the equipment on the infrastructure.

4、 Efficiency

The composite frequency screen adopts multi-stage screen surface independent vibration. The feeding end adopts low-frequency and high amplitude, forced stratification, and the looseness coefficient is increased by 1.3 times, so that the probability of material contacting the screen hole is increased; when the material enters the screen core at the discharge end, the material is forced to roll over due to the drop, which destroys its "inertia" and divides the layer again; the high frequency and low amplitude are adopted at the discharge end, which increases the frequency of material contact with the screen surface, and the probability of passing through the screen is greater It is now highly efficient screening.

5、 Expansibility

According to the customer's situation, functional equipment can be added on the screen box to solve the problem of screening; the feeding device can be added at the feeding end to solve the problem of cloth distribution; for viscous materials, intelligent cleaning device can be added to clean the blocked screen surface from time to time; for materials that are easy to wrap, tear equipment can be added to improve the screening effect; at the same time, each equipment can be added separately Dust removal equipment, reduce the layout of pipes, increase the purity of products and so on.


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