Operation and Maintenance of Food Sieving Machine

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-03-05

1. Check whether the status of parts is normal, fasteners whether there is a loose phenomenon, in particular, check whether the vibration motor running is normal.

2. During the operation, it is found that any abnormal sound should be checked out immediately.  The breakdown shall not be put into operation before the failure has been eliminated.

3. It is initial operation period when vibration motor accumulated 100 hours, we should give the fastening operation for other foot bolts. After the operation is completed, confirm that there is no material in the machine before shutting down so as to avoid clogging the material.


food sieving machine



1. Check the screen surface regularly, clean the screen net, and check the screen tightness, whether there is broken phenomenon.

2. After running for about 200 hours, the vibration motor should be maintained and add lubricant to the bearing.

Food sieving machine applicable to the feed processing enterprises with different scale, grain and food processing enterprises, the particles, broken material and the second cycle of crushing process in the grading treatment. With the advantages of less dust, reduce material deposition, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation and so on.


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