The Installation Considerations of Sand Making Line

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-03-11

The first key task is rough crushing for the raw materials in sand making line, the common crusher is jaw crusher for rough crushing, the main advantages of jaw crusher are high yield and right price, stone needle tablets content is small after the initial crushing, so it is a good machine of rough breaking.


The next step of rough breaking is fine breaking. Generally in the stone production line equipment as the fine crushing equipments are impact crusher and cone crusher. For fine crushing of soft rock such as limestone use impact crusher, impact crusher has a high yield and can reduce the broken section. For the medium hardness of the rock generally use cone crusher. While selecting the equipments for sand making, first of all, we need to analyze the raw materials and understand the properties of raw materials to choose the suitable machines. Otherwise it will cause the unnecessary trouble, at the same time it will also reduce production efficiency.


sand making line


China's sand making machine is also constantly improve, there are two models of sand making machine, one is the high-efficiency shaft impact crusher, the other is impact crusher. High-efficiency shaft impact crusher can produce the gravel with fineness modulus adjustable and good quality; For the impact crusher, the quality of the produced gravel is good and the cost is low, but it is the widely used in the crushing of limestone and granite.


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