Pre-screening of Sintering Coal Blending

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-10-10

Sintering is an important part in the process of iron and steel production. It mixes iron ore powder, coking coal powder (anthracite) with lime, dolomite powder and re-burning materials in a certain proportion. Sintered ore with sufficient strength and granularity can be used as a clinker for iron making.

The process flow for sintering production is shown below. It mainly includes the preparation of sinter, batching and mixing, sintering and product processing.


sintering coal blending


The water content of coking coal powder reaches 12%~14%, which is relatively wet. The grading and screening of coking coal powder of 0~3mm has become an industry problem. For solving this problem, Winner Group has developed a set of solutions for the pre-screening of sintering coal blending.

It mainly for the material before the coarse breaking and material is pre-screened by 0~3 mm. The materials that do not need to be broken are separated directly and entered into the coal preparation chamber together with the materials after large particle crushing. In this way, the secondary crushing of small particle finished products is avoided, the field crusher reduces the workload and extends the service life.



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