Screening Machine in Cement Industry

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-06-06

The cement vibrating screen adopts the vibration motor as the direct drive,the material performs the parabolic motion,achieves the purpose of screening treatment,effectively solves the defects such as blocking,sticking network,the difficulty of changing the network of the drum screen and the reciprocating screen.The cement screening machine is widely used sieving the materials in cement,lime and similar powdered materials to ensure the safe operation of conveying equipment and packaging equipment.


screening machine


After about 1000 hours of vibration motor operation,the bearings should be cleaned and replaced with grease.Must also be overhauled regularly,it is a minor repair in three months and will be overhauled once a year.When it is necessary to replace the screen network, remove the cover first and release the pressing slats,take out the slats and the old network,and place the new net of the same size into the tight and press the slats one by one again.When you need to change the screen spring,pay attention to the spring and other materials do not fall into the bin,so as not to jam the packaging machine impeller.


screening treatment


The conditions of Using cement screening machine:

1.The operation temperature does not exceed 40°C.

2.Vibration acceleration does not exceed 20G.

3.The use environment should be free of conductive dust,flammable,explosive and corrosive gases.

4.Power supply: Three-phase 380V,frequency 50Hz.

5.Work method: SI (continuous).

6.The bearing temperature (thermometer method) should not exceed 95°C.


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