Sifting Area Affect Sifting Efficiency

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-02-07

The deck width of vibrating sifter determines its processing efficiency. The screen length determines the efficiency of the screening. The material on the sifter deck is thicker and the screening efficiency is not high. If the width is large, the length is small, the material layer is thin, but the screen time is short, the screening efficiency is not high. The recommended width ratio for general recommendations is 2:3.


vibrating sifter


The larger length of the screen be, the longer time material stays on the deck, and the more efficient the screening efficiency become. But as the growth of the screening time, easy sieving particles become less and less, finally only difficult sieving particles are left on sieve. But difficult to sieve particles through the sieve pore need a longer time, so that the increase in screening efficiency is slow. Therefore, it is unreasonable to increase the length of sieve plate in order to improve screening efficiency. This is how vibrating sifter designs from the theoretical aspect.


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