Special Equipment for Impurity Removal and Material Screening

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-02-07

On the market, in addition to the common rotary vibrating screen, there is a kind of efficient screening equipment for more specific use, what is it? Let Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd. shows you this special screening machinery!


In the screening application industry, there is such a demand among many customers: the company's production line determines that the material inlet and outlet of the screening equipment should adopt a straight up and down structure, meanwhile, in the process of screening, undersize accounts for the vast proportion, i.e. oversize is very small, which is typical removing impurity. In the face of this demand, Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd. wants to tell you seriously, don't buy rotary vibrating screen because of the promotion of the manufacturers, it is time to hold the hands of direct discharge screen and keep it for your efficient material screening.


direct discharge vibrating screen


Direct discharge screen, also known as direct discharge vibrating screen, which has the advantages of simple structure, and is very similar to the common rotary vibrating screen, the difference is that the rotary vibrating screen takes a vertical vibrating motor as the exciting vibration source, which is arranged below the bottom of the lower screen box. While the direct discharge screen usually takes two horizontal vibrating motors as the exciting vibration source and arranged on both sides of the screen body.


The most outstanding characteristic of direct discharge screen is that, fine material outlet is just below the material inlet, the material falls from the inlet to the screen mesh, and then is discharged directly from the outlet after screening. Not like the same with rotary vibrating screen, it moves material from the center of the screen mesh to the edge, and then discharge from the outlet at the edge of the screen box. Such a structure determines that the direct discharge screen can be rapidly screening to achieve high efficient removing impurities and effective increasing output.


direct discharge vibrating screen


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