The Maintenance of Arc Vibrating Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-08-08

The maintenance and repair of the vibrating screen should be carried out by the full-time staff.

1. Weekly check: The inspection shall include the exciter and bolts in each parts, rubber spring, screen deck. If these parts have damage or the aperture hole is too large, it should be dealt with in time.


arc vibrating screen


2. Monthly check: It should check the whether the arc vibrating screen structure frame or weld joint have crack or not. If cracks are found on the cross beam or side plate, it should clean the surface first and drill a 5mm hole at the end to scoop out and preheat the weld. After welding, the seam shall be ground flat and the reinforcing plate shall be added to avoid stress concentration. It is not allowed to make hole and welding accessories on the screen frame by oneself.

3. Annual check: If the dynamic arc vibrating screen is on-site, the vibration motor should be overhauled. The motor should be completely disassembled for maintenance especially for the corrosive pitting and cracks of antifriction bearing. It should pay attention that the position of the eccentric block should be maintained the same phase when reassembling.


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