Three reasons for the burning of vibrating screen motor and preventive measures

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2018-08-15

1.Looseness of the anchor bolts of the vibrating screening equipment

This is one of the main faults causing the motor of the vibrating screening equipment to burn out. Due to the particularity of the structure of the vibrating motor itself, the exciting

force generated by the eccentric block at both ends must impact the anchor bolts every two thousand times,and also because the vibration motor itself participates in the vibration, the anchor bolt is very easy to loosen. Once a bolt is loose, it will cause the other bolts to loosen or even break in a short period of time, thereby burning the motor.

Precautionary measures: 

(1)often strengthen the anchor bolts; 

(2)increase the anti-loose device; 

(3)ensure good contact between the ground surface and the motor floor, so that several anchor bolts are evenly stressed.


vibrating screen motor


2.Installation problem

The vibration motor is equipped with heavier eccentric blocks at both ends. If it is installed vertically or obliquely, the bearing axial direction must bear the gravity of the eccentric block. If there is no special device (ie, Plane bearing) in the vibration motor, it will have a bad influence on the bearing, thus shortening the service life.

Precautionary measures: 

(1)Select vertical vibration motor(ie add plane bearing inside);

(2)Try to avoid vertical or inclined installation.

3.Ambient temperature

The temperature of the material carried by the coal screening machine should not be too high. Because the vibration motor and the equipment are rigidly connected, it can be said that it is a whole. If the temperature of the material conveyed by the equipment is too high, it will easily cause the temperature of the ground and the casing of the vibration motor to increase,which causes heat dissipation and thus burns the motor.

Precautionary measures: 

(1)Under the premise of not affecting the work of the equipment, try to keep the vibration motor away from high temperature materials; 

(2)find ways to reduce the temperature of the material.



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