The Maintenance of Screening Machine

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

(1) The operator should grasp the screening machine conditions and familiar with this manual, when there are abnormal circumstances should be able to take appropriate measures to deal with.

(2) Check and remove the sieve, chute, funnel and other fixtures between the stone and other factors affecting the work of the sieve machine debris.

(3) Carefully check whether all fasteners are fully fastened, and whether the screen is damaged.

(4) Check whether the exciter bearing refueling is on schedule.

(5) When there is an abnormal phenomenon, the operation should be stopped immediately and the starting operation can be carried out after troubleshooting.

(6) The screening machine needs to be evenly distributed. The material flow should be evenly balanced through the screen.

(7) It is forbidden to bring the material down or continue feeding after the outage.

(8) It is strictly prohibited to inspect the bearing temperature of the bearing box during operation.

(9) It is strictly prohibited to perform any adjustment, cleaning and overhaul of the machine during operation.

(10) Remove the plug and screen environment in the screen when leaving work.


 screening machine


2. Maintenance

(1) Exciter bearings 3-6 months rinse once a year to open the cleaning time, the machine flushing method such as injection of kerosene or gasoline from the oil hole, wash dirty lubricants, and then fill in the clean grease.

(2) Maintenance personnel to do a good job weekly inspection, check the work, check the side panels are cracking and beams, to strengthen the beam is crack.

(3) The machine is running without any adjustment, cleaning, maintenance and other work, so as to avoid danger.

(4) Machine maintenance, the first power should be cut off.

(5) Welding repair, the ground wire can not be installed in the motor, vibrator and other components, not the current through the motor, bearings and other rotating parts.

(6) Disassembly and so on can not use heavy hammer percussion, but should be used pressure and other methods.


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