The Working Principle of Trommel Screen

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2017-08-21

The trommel screen is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drum, frame, seal cover and inlet and outlet. The drum is inclined to be mounted on the base. The motor is connected by a reducer and an coupling to the drum, driving the machine.


trommel screen


When the material enters the trommel screen, because of drum inclining and rolling, it make the material on the surface of the screen constantly turning and rolling.  Smaller than screen hole size of materials will be discharged at the bottom of the discharging mouth, while the greater size materials than the screen hole will be discharged at the end of the discharging mouth. The equipment adopts a parallel sieve to form the sieve, and the size of the gap is the size of the required material size. When the drum is rotated, gravity of the material will help screening. There are 5 connecting shafts in the drum. The shaft is higher than the screen, and the bulk material can be moved when rotating, thus improving the screening efficiency. The material is accelerated by inclined slope, and finally enters into the next process.


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