The Necessity of Waste Segregation

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-01-13

Under government regulations of different countries, segregation of waste at source has been declared important process as it solves half the city problem of waste management. Under rules, scientific disposal of the waste through segregation, collection, and treatment, and disposal is an environmentally sound manner minimizes the adverse impact on the environment.


segregation of waste


Segregation of wastage at sources is also important for scheme for which central government is spending billions of money every year. With the ever increasing population and urbanization, the waste management has emerged as a huge challenge in the world.


The dumping sites can cause fungal, bacterial, and viral infections, causing environmental contamination by emanating poisonous gases. Despite being brought up several times in the media, authorities are yet to provide any concrete alternatives to this clearly worrying issue. The way garbage is disposes off by local Town Area Committee or Municipal Committee is really an issue of serious concern. Authority that most of the garbage that includes harmful biomedical waste, polythene and animal carcasses as well is thrown in the water bodies by the local Municipal Committees. All those Municipal Committees or Town Area Committees which have access river, stream dispose off the garbage into these water-bodies.


segregation of waste


"Not only the waste has increased in quantity but characteristics of the waste have also changed tremendously over a period, with the introduction of so many gadgets and equipment's", said an official, As per the survey, in developing country, only about 75-80% of the municipal waste gets collected and out of this 22-28% is processed and treated and remaining is disposed of indiscriminately at dump yards across the country.


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