How to Solve the Problem of Sticky Coal Screening?

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-01-28

An efficient screening device is an effective screening of viscous coal, it can be applied to coal preparation plants, optimized bed boilers and coal gasification coal preparation systems. As we all know, sticky coal has always been a problem in the coal screening industry, due to the characteristics of viscous coal, it is easy to adhere to the screen surface, or the mesh is blocked. Traditional drying, wet sieving and vertical sieving cannot solve these problems fundamentally. How to design some sieve with high elasticity and parallel sieve becomes a problem in the world sieving industry. In order to break through this bottleneck, high amplitude vibrating screen came into being.


coal screening


Working principle: large amplitude, lower frequency, higher vibration intensity, higher motion speed.


The high-sieve process parameters are characterized by distinguishing it from other types of screening equipment. It can ensure the processing capacity, the effective screening of wet sticky coal without blocking sieve. It can maintain the maximum opening rate in the working process, so that the coal screening efficiency and processing capacity is higher. Through a large number of industrial applications, high amplitude screen obtained more satisfactory results and made remarkable achievements in overseas. It make great contributions for the progress of deep coal screening technology.


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