Winner Lump ore screen-wet sticky lump ore screening professor

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-13

Dry screening of wet sticky lump ore is a problem of domestic and international screening technology, because wet sticky lump ore is bonded to each other to form agglomerates, which is difficult to loosen or adhere to the sieve surface, and reduces the screening area and the screening efficiency. Lump ore is not loose and delaminated, and the overall movement makes the screening process difficult. Therefore, the screening of wet sticky lump ore is a major issue to be solved urgently in the screening industry.


Lump ore screen

Winner Lump ore screen adopts large amplitude, large vibration intensity, lower vibration frequency and self-cleaning sieve surface to complete the screening process of wet sticky lump ore.

Under normal circumstances, lump ore has a large viscosity, which makes loosening and layering difficult, and the lubricity of lump ore deteriorates. At this time, a sufficient acceleration between the lump ore and the screen is required to make the lump ore loose and Layered. But acceleration alone is not enough, because the sieve process of wet sticky lump ore requires space and time. The screen surface vibrates too fast, the lump ore cannot be thrown, and it cannot perform the screening function. In addition, the particle sieving also takes time to complete, so the large amplitude, large vibration strength, and low vibration frequency of the Winner Lump ore screen just meet the characteristics of this screening process.



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