Winner's flip flop screen once again entered the Chongqing customer project site

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-06

Chongqing is a comprehensive transportation hub that integrates east ,west,north and south in the southwest of China. It has a unique geographical location and climate characteristics, and it has sufficient rainfall every year. In the rainy season, the open-air materials have a certain water content, which is a big test for the screening performance of the screening equipment.


flip flop screen

Recently, Winner's designer went to the Chongqing customer site to renovate the dolomite additive vibrating screen of a raw material plant. The customer's site uses a TDLS-3075 elliptical equal thickness vibrating screen. After many communicationes, we learned that the raw material plant provides additives for 360m2 sintering. After the material is crushed by the hammer crusher, the belt conveyor transports the feed bin. Under the silo, two ZGF-90-150 feeders are fed. The on-site sieve motor power is 75KW, the vibration frequency is 730r/min, the screen inclination angle is 11 degrees, 18 degrees, 25 degrees. The screen deck is originally made of polyurethane screen deck and then changed to 4mm hole with woven mesh screen deck with bouncing ball. The problem has still not been solved. At present, the screen deck is replaced once every 1-2 months. When the material is dry, the capacity of the undersized material is 80-100 tons/hour, and when the material is watery, the capacity of the undersized material is 30-50 tons/hour.

The customer proposed the transformation: the processing capacity is 150 tons / hour, and the screening efficiency is 80% to 85 percent. Winner's design service personnel measured the size of the site and analyzed the grading content of the incoming materials. After comprehensive consideration, the company recommended the flip flop screen design scheme, and played the vedioes of the flip flop screen, explaining the working principle of the sieving screen, and explained the data. Contrast with the advantages of the old equipment, and carefully answer the questions raised by the customer, the customer very much recognizes the transformation plan of the flip flop screen. Laughing: We are very much looking forward to the work mode of changing the screen deck using just one person and a hoe. They are very satisfied with the effect of the sieve through the sieve, low energy efficiency and no plugging.


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