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Author: Winner   Time: 2022-05-06

Iron and steel industry is an important basic industry of my country's national economy, and it is also one of the industries with large energy consumption and high pollutant discharge. Screening equipment is an important equipment in the production process of iron and steel enterprises. Many enterprises are facing the phenomenon of small size of screening equipment, serious edge effect, and relatively large heat loss. Therefore, equipmentization of iron and steel enterprises is the future development direction. Therefore, the selection of more energy-saving and environmentally friendly screening equipment has become a wise choice for steel enterprises.

WFPS-XC series multi-frequency screen is a new type of screening equipment developed by WITTMANN to meet the needs of material screening in coal, electric power, metallurgy, sand aggregate and other industries. Compared with ordinary sieves, the sieve machine has obvious improvement in processing capacity and sieving efficiency. It is an ideal substitute for the existing large-scale vibrating screen and imported products.

Structural features

1. Vibration of independent screen surface for relaxation:

The traditional screening equipment is that the screen surface and the screen box vibrate together, while the WFPS-XC series multi-frequency screen changes the mechanical structure of the traditional screen, adopts the independent screen surface vibration of relaxation, and the screen frame and the screen box do not vibrate. From the feeding end to the discharging end, the multi-stage relaxation screen surfaces vibrate independently.

2. FM AM:

According to the different working conditions such as on-site material processing capacity, particle size composition, water content, etc., WFPS-XC series multi-frequency screen can realize the free adjustment of high frequency, low amplitude and low frequency and high amplitude of each screen surface of the upper and lower layers, which has changed the traditional screen. The vibration modes of the same vibration source, same amplitude and same vibration frequency are divided into equipments.

3. High screening efficiency:

Screening can be divided into two stages: stratification and penetration screening. The low frequency and high amplitude are used to achieve stratification, and the high frequency and low amplitude are used to increase the penetration rate. The combination of the two achieves better screening results. In addition, the high-elastic polyurethane relaxation screen is used, and the material is thrown up due to the relaxation effect of the high-elastic polyurethane during the vibration process, which solves the phenomenon that the material is easy to block.

4. Energy saving:

Compared with the screening equipment with the same processing capacity, its vibration-inducing mass is small, the vibration source structure is small, the motor power is reduced by about 40%, and the weight of the whole machine is about 30% lighter than the traditional screen, which is more convenient for maintenance.

5. Environmental protection:

All the inlet and outlet of the sieve can be easily connected with other related equipment in a rigid seal, so that the whole screening operation can be carried out in a fully sealed state, and the air can be sucked through the specially designed dust removal port on the screen frame, so that the whole system can be carried out in a negative pressure state. work, so as to solve the problem of dust pollution in the screening process.

Once the multi-frequency screen-XC was launched, it quickly opened up the market by virtue of its uniqueness. Steel enterprises in Shandong, Jiangxi, Hebei, Guizhou and other places have used the multi-frequency screen-XC to increase the screening rate, reduce the blocking rate, and improve the raw ore. The furnace charging ratio, cost reduction and efficiency increase have created greater economic and social benefits for customers' production, and also helped customers who need wet and sticky materials for screening.

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