An Analysis of Material Overflow of Vibrating Screen Hopper

Author: Winner Group   Time: 2023-02-03

Winner Group has many years of experience in the vibration industry. During the process of service to customers, We occasionally found the overflowing problem of vibrating screen hopper. The following brief analysis is made on this issue.


The horizontal dip angle of the vibrating hopper of one customer in a metallurgical industry is 18 degrees. The natural dynamic repose angle of sintered ore is 35 degrees. In vibration condition, the angle of the sintered ore start to roll down with the angle of the base plate of the hopper is 17 degrees. In vibrating screen hopper mesh side, when the natural dynamic repose angle is 35 degrees, finely sintered ore began to roll down and fender of vibrating screen hopper side, the finely sintered ore can't roll down, and gradually accumulate, until reach the dynamic repose angle to roll down.


Because the design of the vibrating screen hopper fender height is not enough, the fine sintered ore exceeds the hopper height, thus forming material overflow. According to the natural dynamic repose angle of the distribution of sintered ore, when the sintered ore size is small, natural dynamic repose angle will be bigger. Through actual measurements, it is found that the biggest natural dynamic repose angle can reach 40 degrees, then the material overflow situation will become worse.


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