Winner group flip flow screen- a ideal dry-style screening equipment

Author: Winner   Time: 2019-12-27

Product description:
flip flow screen is a special dry-style screening equipment for fine and wet sticky materials (such as raw coal, lignite, slime, bauxite, coke, etc.). for the material blocking the ordinary screen hole easily, flip flow screen can achieve a higher screening efficiency with a relatively small screen area without materials blocking the holes. This screen is widely used in coal, coal chemical, power, coke, metallurgy, construction and other industries.


flip flow screen

Introduction to working principle and structural characteristics:
The flip flow screen is a dual-mass vibration system. It uses a polyurethane rubber screen panel and uses an eccentric block to provide the screen body with an exciting force to make the screen body move linearly. The high-efficiency polyurethane screen panel is installed on the fixed beam and floating frame. The staggered movement of the body beam and the floating frame tighten and loosen the panel, like the sieve holes breathing. The screen surface forms a relaxation acceleration speed of up to 50G, forcing the wet sticky material to delaminate quickly and efficiently penetrate the sieve hole.

Any two adjacent beams supporting the screen surface belong to two vibrating masses, one is a screen box and the other is a counterweight. During working, the screen is alternately tightened and loosened, so that the material has a forward bounce motion, which can prevent the material from sticking to the screen panel and blocking the screen hole. When the two masses vibrate in two phases, any two adjacent beams are sometimes close, sometimes far away. The elastic screen surface is sometimes loosened and sometimes tensioned, that is, while the screen panel and screen body move together, there is relative movements between the two. This motion continuously deforms the screen holes, which not only makes it difficult to block, but also greatly increases the vibration intensity of the screen surface, thereby significantly improving the screening efficiency of the screen.

In addition, the flip flow screen also has the characteristics of large processing capacity, small dynamic load, low energy consumption, low noise and so on. It is your ideal equipment for dry-style screening.



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